9th Pan-European Green Belt Conference, Koli (Finland)

Posted on Nov 15, 2016

After two years, so much has passed since the last conference in Slavonice (Czech Republic), we gathered again in Koli National Park (Finland), in the north of Europe. The purpose of the conference was also to visit Fennoscandian Green Belt of Europe between Norway, Finland and the Russian Federation.

The hosts presented us projects that have been or are still being implemented in Fennoscandian Green Belt. They also presented the cooperation between countries and problems they face.

Selected speakers have presented projects in the field of green infrastructure, which is becoming a very important area for the protection of nature. Conference participants presented good practices and nature conservation projects in the Green Belt area.

There was also working in groups where we discussed about the further development of activities in the area of Green Belt as forum participants are actively involved in projects in the area of Green Belt.

The conference ended with a trip to the Koli National Park.

In the evening we had in Joensuu General Assembly Green Belt Assosiation, where we talked about the further development of the association and elected a new leadership. The discussion was held about the development of activities for the next two years until the next conference.