Visit of German association for landscape management – DVL in Slovenia

Posted on Jul 20, 2016

To preserve biodiversity worldwide and in Europe it is crucial to work together with land users to conserve cultural landscapes for its value of nature on the one side and on the other to find ways that land users can have an affordable income and high quality of life. The German Association for Landscape management – Deutsche Verband für Landschaftspflege (DVL) work in this field together with its local Landcare Associations all over Germany. To exchange knowledge and experiences about the described challenges the DVL frequently offers trainings and conferences to its members and interested people.

Partners form seven European countries are engaged in the issue of Landcare – Deutscher Verband für Landschaftspflege (D), Veelzijdig Boerenland (NL), Asociatia Microregionala “Pogany-havas” (RO), SVERIGES LANTBRUKSUNIVERSITET  (SE) und Inštitut za trajnostni razvoj in celostne rešitve – InTeRCeR (SI), The Firm of ARCH (UK) and Transhumancia y Naturaleza (S). These partners are at different stages of development but share similar processes and patterns of development in the use of landcare.

Erasmus+ aim is to provide the mobility of trainers and advisors from German Landcare organizations and to develop a range of partnership and training opportunities within seven partner countries.

The mission of the project is the analysis of local conditions and application of best practice for the conservation of the European Cultural Landscapes by regional products and the strong cooperation with farmers.

The main objectives of the project are following:

  • To share information and search synergies regarding criteria, strategies, methodologies, models and innovative ideas.
  • To process experiences and knowledge and ensure their dissemination
  • To encourage the participants in international communication and learning and in the usage of foreign languages.
  • To build long-lasting contacts and cooperations for a continuous exchange of information and ideas.

The main focus for participants is on learning, but they also pass on their professional knowledge to the European partner organization as well as hand on acquired skills to others in their organizations. The transnational trainings are essential for the beneficiaries of learning because, they will learn something about specific objectives of landcare in partner countries and how to implement them on the ground across Europe.

Participants also have different communication tools to hand on results and can give presentations or hold short training sessions for their colleagues. The information skills gained can be fed directly into the formal/in house training delivered by participating organizations.

Institute InTeRCeR has organized for the German partners visits of good examples in Slovenia. The exchange has taken place from 12. to 16. June 2016. Our German partners have visited: