PIA Permakultur-Akademie im Alpenraum

Posted on Oct 23, 2015

Permakulture forum of Austrian permakulture associations PIA Permakulture Academy in the Alpine region was held from 15th to 18th October 2015 on Limberg castle, near Schwanberg, Styria.
Theme of the forum was “Preserving and designing nourishing landscapes”. Many of us still do not know how permaculture enriches our lives and what opportunities we can offer with permacultural planning.

The purpose of the forum was:

  • Find out as much about the idea of permaculture
  • Presentations of the projects and the people who work on these projects
  • To exchange experiences among participants about permacultural planning and self-sufficiency
  • Permacultural knowledge, skills and experience to gather, to refresh and expand
  • Permakulturne techniques and methods to identify and examine
  • Connect the activities of groups and initiatives
  • To promote sustainable projects and the technical and methodological assistance to participants
  • To inform, mobilize and motivate.

Iztok attended the forum, where he had a presentation of our project Land sharing LINK DAJ in the field of restoration of traditional agriculture in Slovenia and links to permakulture. The focus of the presentation was how we can use the knowledge of older generations in permaculture. He presented the concept of inter-generational transfer of knowledge that is useful in permaculture and the concept of conservation and restoration of cultural landscapes with this approach.
Part the project presentation was discussion, where the forum participants exchange knowledge and experience with Iztok.
The Forum was held in a pleasant atmosphere, where they presented the projects, which are actively implemented in the area of Permaculture in Austria and surrounding countries (Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia). Participants actively share experiences and discuss the possibilities of mutual cooperation and assistance in permakultural projects.