Hazelnut harmony 2023

Posted on Jul 25, 2023

Impressions of Lisa HERLEDANT, a volunteer from France, who joined us in July to learn about biodiversity in the field where we introduced her to the functioning of complex natural systems through our projects:

“I’m 19 and I’ve been living in Paris for two years to study international business. I chose these studies because I’d like to become a buyer, a buyer in circular fashion. In fact, ever since I was very young, I’ve been very committed to the environment and ecology. That’s why I decided to go to Slovenia in July to learn more about biodiversity. In fact, thanks to the French association ZELLIDJA, I have the opportunity to make a documentary on biodiversity in Slovenia. Today we’re halfway through my trip, but I’ve been able to learn a lot thanks to several people, notably Iztok and Klemen from InTeRCeR, who helped me understand their research by showing me some of Slovenia’s beautiful and very interesting landscapes. As a result, I’m even more aware that nature and biodiversity are totally essential to our lives, and this trip will surely change my future.”