International Circular Economy Conference – Opportunities and Challenges

Posted on Nov 6, 2015

Circular economy is a strategic objective of Slovenia, the key is the active partner and co-operation of all, communicate to participants and organizers of the Conference on circular economy, which is on 3. November, organized by the Association of Ecologists Without Borders, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and the Government Office for the development of European cohesion Policy at Brdo pri Kranju.

In a very well-attended conference, representatives of current best practice examples from Slovenia and Europe, explained about circular economy. Circular economy is a new model, which was created as a response to pressure from a growing economy and consumption across all borders. It focuses on the transformation of products and services, circulation of materials, reuse, repair and recycling; based on the use of energy from renewable sources, abandoning hazardous chemicals and reduces the consumption of raw materials.

The conference was attended by Minister Irena Majcen, other government representatives and Slovenian companies, local communities, non-governmental organizations and the many individuals who are circular economy is a challenge.